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Dressed to Learn 

We do expect all children to be in full school uniform. 

If anyone is unsure what school uniform is made up of please see the uniform brochure below.



It is important that children are in appropriate footwear and we do expect children to wear black school shoes and bring trainers / plimsolls for P.E. Those with long hair need to have it tied back as loose hair is a health and safety risk. We would prefer hairbands etc. to be in school colours with no excessive accessories. Children should not be wearing jewellery. (Stud earrings have to be taped for P.E. and removed for swimming.) Make up and nail varnish are not appropriate for school. 

Our school uniform is smart and attractive and very popular with both children and parents. We believe firmly in school uniform because: 

  • It is smart and distinctive 
  • It encourages a positive view of the school and improves the child’s attitude and hence their performance in the classroom 
  • It prevents competition between children in what they wear (and it works out cheaper in the long run) 
  • It encourages a community ownership of the school 
  • It stops arguments in the morning about what the child is going to wear! 

If you would like to buy uniform for your child but are finding it difficult to afford, please do not hesitate to pop along to our ‘nearly new uniform shop’ or come in to see Nikki Cotterill.

School uniforms can currently be purchased by contacting the school office on 01637 873958 during school hours.